Creative AI

Transforming ideas into extraordinary reality by blending uniquely human creative flair with the power of Artificial Intelligence to your projects. Explore the endless possibilities of Creative AI with DH Digital Media. See examples of my Generative AI artwork and videos below.

Image Prompting

AI image prompting is the art of communicating with AI tools and  models. I can craft precise and creative instructions that guide AI tools to generate imagery that meet your specific needs and expectations to align perfectly with your vision.


I can use AI tools to animate characters, objects and scenes to create dynamic short videos that bring your stories to life. Combining AI with traditional video editing and enhancement capabilities can elevate your projects to inspire, engage and amaze.


I offer AI-enhanced audio and speech services include generating high-quality, natural-sounding voiceovers, converting text to speech for audiobooks and e-learning, and creating dynamic soundscapes that captivate your audience.

A short trailer for a sci-fi movie. The aim was to create a world where tech rules, humanity has fallen, and rebellion rises. All imagery and animations created using generative AI, combined with digital video editing and audio mixing.  

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A short animated feature “The Bots” where a group of discarded robot toys plan their escape from a giant warehouse.  All imagery, animations and voiceover created using generative AI, mixed with digital video editing and audio mixing techniques.

Using Creative AI to elevate your project

My range of creative AI services include:

  • Unique, eye-catching imagery, photos and illustrations for your brand, no need to trawl image libraries and pay expensive licence fees, your idea can be created to your requirement! 
  • Expert AI image prompting – crafting precise and imaginative prompting is essential for guiding AI models to produce the desired output.
  • The creation of animations using generative AI combined with digital video editing and audio mixing techniques to produce short films for your product or brand.
  • Natural-sounding AI voiceovers for videos, presentations, or tutorials.

Creative AI FAQ’s

What is Creative AI and how does it benefit my projects?

Creative AI involves using advanced artificial intelligence tools to generate and enhance visual, audio, and multimedia content. By leveraging AI, I can produce high-quality, customised graphics, animations, and audio that elevate your projects, making them more engaging and professional. AI opens up new creative possibilities.

Can AI-generated content be customized to fit my brand’s style?

Absolutely! AI tools are highly versatile and can be guided by detailed prompts and specifications to produce content that matches your brand’s identity. Whether you need specific color schemes, styles, or thematic elements, we can tailor the AI-generated content to meet your exact requirements.

What is AI prompting?

The true skill in using generative AI lies in the art of prompting. Crafting precise and imaginative prompts is essential for guiding AI models to produce the desired output. Effective prompting requires a sound understanding of both the AI tool’s capabilities and the creative vision for the project.

If AI can handle all these tasks, why do we still need your expertise?

Generative AI provides us with exceptional tools to create innovative content, but it still requires the creative ideas, prompting, refining of outputs and integration with digital editing and audio mixing to create a polished product. This is a distinctly human intervention. My role is to leverage these creative tools and processes, combined with existing digital skills and techniques to produce high-quality customised outputs.